The Tinkerers

If it ain’t broke, we leave it alone, fix everything else, and make your sales copy purr like a newly tuned engine.

Pink’s ready to go. Are you?

The Tinkerers offer a full copy revision service to turn your “good enough” copy into FUCKING GREAT copy.

The Tinkerers take your existing copy and they…well, tinker with it.
  • If your messaging is off, they’ll change the messaging.
  • If your structure is off, they’ll fix the structure.
  • If you sound like your robotic corporate clone they’ll make you sound human again.
  • If you sound like a sleezy, used-car salesman they’ll make you sound authentic and real again.
  • If your audience can’t understand a word you’re saying they’ll translate your sales gibberish into sales-gold.
  • If you’ve missed any of the 297* (*not a made up number…totally a made up number) most crucial elements of sales copy they’ll add them back in.

And if you’ve done anything really well (‘cuz there’s usually a few things)…they’ll leave it the fuck alone.

Because you don’t fix what isn’t broken.

Like the mastercrafts-pandas we are, we weave the strongest pieces of your work together with the parts that are missing to create something both strong and beautiful.

They leave the good bits of your stuff alone

And make the not-so-good bits fucking incredible.

So your copy sells more.

How it Works

1) Book your Hawkeye review and send over all of your materials prior to your start date.


2a) Meet with the Chief Space Panda (Kat) to go over the Hawkeye’s findings.

2b) Approve your Custom Copy Revision Plan within 24 hours.

3) The Tinkerers get to work tweaking and editing your copy based on the review meeting and revision plan.

4) 3 days later, check your inbox! Your fully tinkered and fine-tuned copy is ready to go. Just plug into your email service provider or sales page builder and voila! Copy that sounds like you, optimized to sell.

You get:

Your copy, fully edited and ready to start raking in the dough. Tweaked in any combination of the following ways:

    • Mild rewrites to punch up the style and tone, making your copy as naturally vibrant as you are
    • Structural changes so that everything makes sense to your reader
    • Tweaking your messaging so that your customers understand you while still preserving your voice
    • Adding persuasion elements, so you can sell more without being pushy
    • Giving your readers all of the information they need to make a purchasing decision that both of you feel good about

One 30 minute video walkthrough of your edits, so you know what we changed, why, and how it’s going to help you sell more (we don’t just change stuff willy-nilly)

Mp3 audio recording of the walkthrough so you can take this advice and insight with you everywhere.

The Space Panda Revisions Guide...cuz we’re probably not going to get the entire thing perfect on the first try. So you’ll get our guide to tweak those little places where Kat’s Canadian accent slipped through, without undoing any of the edits that are going to make you more $$$.

A 30 minute Q&A session with me to go over any lingering questions, comments, concerns, and your execution plan for how to use your copy to fill your bank account.

Total turn around time: 5 days

Because copy should never be the thing that stops you from selling.

USD $1297*

(*Minus anything you’ve already paid to the Hawkeyes.)

“Kat has a way of cutting through your mental clutter and picking out the gems that you meant to say, but somehow couldn’t find the words. Kat finds them. She’s remarkably patient, yet firm, which is why she’s such a powerful editor and advisor. Nothing slips by her, but she’s got a way of communicating what you need to hear in the way you need to hear it. The thing I love most about Kat is that she will not flatter you just to be nice. You know when she compliments something, she means it. And when she’s got feedback, watch out world: You’re about to up-level your copy like you’ve never up-leveled before.” Margo Aaron

Founder, That Seems Important

Dude! This freaking ROCKS! Do you just shit miracles or something?

Mike Harris

Transformational Catalyst for Entrepreneurial Leaders

I’m convinced! Tinker away, Tinkerers!


When do I have to make my payment? Do you have payment plans?

All payments mare made up front, right after you book with us. We don’t offer payment plans at this time.

How quickly can I speak with you?

Check my calendar here and book a time here.

What exactly happens during a session?

A Tinkering session is a hybrid between a copy reivew and an editing job. First, we gather all of the necessary information from you to review your copy. Then, we meet up to go over our recommendations for how to improve on your existing material. Once you’ve approved the editing plan, we’ll go ahead and work our magic to make your copy sing. 

So, are you actually writing my copy?

Not exactly. While we will be writing and creating new material in spots, Tinkerers work on your existing copy, filling in the gaps you may have left. We massage and restructure what you’ve got to put it in the most powerful selling form possible. Tinkerer’s don’t do strategy, and we don’t start from scratch. While they may be making additions to your existing copy, it’s not the same as writing it from scratch for you.

If you want someone to write your copy from scratch for you, go talk to the Money Makers.

What do you actually fix?

There are a number of things that can go “wrong” with your copy and prevent it from selling. The #1 thing is structure — if you’re not presenting the right information in the right way at the right time to your reader, they won’t buy. After that come having the right core concept — without that, the product won’t appeal to your customer. Finally, factors like persuasion elements, benefits, tone and style all play into your copy. We look at all of those, fix the ones that need fixing, and leave the good ones alone. 

Do you do websites?

No. We only do sales copy — specifically sales pages and sales emails. If you need help with your website, go check out Satya at Zag. She’s a website genius and worth every penny.

Okay, I’m in. How do I book you?

Click here to book a call and we’ll get started!

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