NASA Astronaut classes like to give themselves nicknames.

So do our Pandas.


The Hawkeyes

This eagle-eyed group of Pandas will tell you exactly what’s going on with your copy. Why it’s not converting, why it’s not making sales, and why it doesn’t quite feel right. So you know exactly what to do to get your copy selling ASAP.

The Tinkerers

The Space-Panda equivalent of over-eager engineers, these pandas LOVE diving into broken copy, moving this here, adding that there and voila! New copy. That’s mostly your old copy. But way better.

The Money Makers

The snobby, intellectual cla–I’m kidding, they’re actually down to earth and really nice. They just nerd out HARD about direct response and conversion copywriting. And if you need to scrap your copy and start from scratch, they write sales pages and emails that fucking sing.

Not sure who you need?

Talk to the Hawkeyes.

They’ll tell you exactly what to do.

Happy Clients

Kat, you performed a borderline miracle with this email sequence: I’m pretty sure I’m ready to buy this damn product, and I’m the friggin creator. THANK YOU. You helped me create a solid 5-figure launch that had a (roughly) 8% conversion rate on a $2k product. Jason Connell

Founder, Ignited Leadership

Anyone tell you lately that you’re a genius? Because you are! Your advice was so simple, but so freaking powerful! Susan Boles

Founder & CFO, Grind/Revive

I wrote and sent an email to my list as part of my pre-launch sequence. It generated 3 strategy sessions and no new clients for me. Kat took a look at it and gave me some feedback. After implementing her changes, I sent it again. The revised version got me 12 strategy sessions and 3 new clients, totalling $6700! Camille Virginia

Founder, Master Offline Dating

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We’re happy to answer them!

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