The Hawkeyes

Stop wondering why your copy’s not working…and start making more sales ASAP.

I would totally rock these glasses if plastic frames didn’t hurt my face.

The Hawkeyes offer a full copy review service so that you can get professional feedback on your copy and finally know, without a doubt,  if:

  • You sound stupid (and how to fix it)
  • This will even make sense to your customer
  • You’ve hit all the bases in your sales copy so that it will actually make you money
  • You sound authentic and like yourself — not sleezy, salesy, or robotic
  • Your copy is any good…and how to make it better.

Or if you should just burn all to the ground and start fresh.

The goal of every Hawkeye review is to get you complete clarity around your sales copy


Why it’s not making you money.

Why you feel like it’s just barely “good enough”.

Why it doesn’t feel right and you’re doubting your message.

And then show you how to make it sing like the pied piper

So that it’ll lure in a village full of paying clients (and not random children…hopefully)

How it works

You send The Hawkeyes:

Your sales copy*

Your brand style guidelines

And fill out our 5-question copy questionnaire

*one (1) long-form sales page OR  one (1) sales email sequence, up to 5 emails long.

48 hours later, you’ll get:

Hey there! Your copy’s ready! wink

1) A full 30-60 minute video review of your copy (plus mp3 file for easy listening)

2) A link to book your 30 minute Q&A call so we can answer all of your questions and get you copy selling ASAP

3) And…your Custom Copy Revision Plan

The revision plan is a 4-page report containing:

⦁ The three biggest problems with your copy (so you know exactly where you’re going wrong and can avoid doing it in the future).

⦁ Step-by-step directions on how to fix them from a professional copywriter.

⦁ Pointers for writing your copy in the future (customized to your specific copywriting habits), so that you’re not making the same mistakes over and over again…and losing sales because of it.

PLUS our final recommendation: if you should go it alone, if you should hire a Tinkerer, or if you need to talk to the Money Makers.

Your sales copy

Reviewed and delivered to you in 48 hours.

 USD $497

PLUS…The Hakweyes cut a deal with the other pandas for you! Anything you pay to them gets credited to your account if you hire the Tinkerers or the Money Makers.  

Happy Clients

Anyone tell you lately that you’re a genius? Because you are! Your advice was so simple, but so freaking powerful! Susan Boles

Founder & CFO, ScaleSpark

I wrote and sent an email to my list as part of my pre-launch sequence. It generated 3 strategy sessions and no new clients for me. Kat took a look at it and gave me some feedback. After implementing her changes, I sent it again. The revised version got me 12 strategy sessions and 3 new clients, totalling $6700! Camille Virginia

Founder, Master Offline Dating

I’m convinced! Help me Hawkeyes!


When do I have to make my payment? Do you have payment plans?

All payments mare made up front, right after you book your review with us. We don’t offer payment plans at this time.

How quickly can I speak with you?

Check my calendar here and book a time here.

What exactly happens during a session?

A Hawkeyes review is a hybrid between a strategy session and a copy critique. You tell us about your copy, your sales goals, your audience, traffic strategy, and more in our questionnaire, and we’ll determine exactly where and how your copy is falling short.

Using all of that information, we’ll make specific, targeted recommendations on how to improve your copy so that helps you hit those goals. After we’ve reviewed your copy, we’ll meet up to go over our suggestions and answer all of your questions on how you can work some sales copy magic on it to make those dollar bills appear like magic.

What if I want to you to actually write my copy?

The Hawkeyes don’t do any writing. If you want us to improve upon your existing copy, talk to the Tinkerers. If you want us to write your copy from scratch, go talk to the Money Makers.

If you don’t know who you need, after your review, the Hawkeyes will be able to make a recommendation for you. The general rule of thumb is if there is a major concept flaw or the page requires that we rewrite at least 50% of the material, you’ll be sent to the Money Makers. Most other projects will be sent to the Tinkerers.

Do you do websites?

No. We only do sales copy — specifically sales pages and sales emails. If you need help with your website, go check out Satya at Zag. She’s a website genius and worth every penny.

Okay, I’m in. How do I book you?

Click here to book a call and we’ll get started!