Hi, I’m Kat Denan. I’m a copywriter turned…something. I’m still figuring (most of) this out.*


*I know, I know, this is the internet and I’m supposed to have it all figured out before you even meet me #amirite? but…#expectations. Also #reality.


(I have no idea why I’m using hashtags on a website, btw. It just sounded fun in my head.)


After many years of trying to make this online business thing work, I realized why I was having so much trouble with it: it wasn’t fun.


I was showing up as srs bzns Kaitlin instead of Space Panda Kat. (Yes, I use both names. Yes, I know it’s confusing. No, I don’t really care.)

Srs Bzns Kaitlin is all about testing and conversions and systems and processes. And was secretly crippled by paralyzing social anxiety and depression that made life and business HELL.

Space Panda Kat is okay falling flat on her face and being a complete embarassment to everything she’s ever learned about online marketing. In fact, she thinks trying that sounds fun…ish. She’s still learning to embrace looking like an idiot, but she’s making good progress.

Hang around a bit and you’ll hear me talk about stuff like:

  • Marketing and copywriting
  • Psychology (because brains are fascinating and I will never understand people)
  • How to write good/gooder
  • All the woo-woo mindset crap I do every morning
  • Mental health, self care, and other things that make getting out of bed easier in the morning
  • Whatever else comes out of my brain…after it’s been edited. Regardless of if it will rank on Google or not.

Oh, and if you’ve been in this game for a while…

But you’re STILL struggling with your copy…

You can’t get it come out quite right…

And neither can any other copywriter you’ve tried…

You should call me. 

I’m basically the Dragon Scroll from Kung-Fu Panda. I can see the brilliant parts of you (and your clients) that you’re missing.

And I can find that 1% that makes the difference between hustling…and CONNECTING. The way you’ve always wanted to.